Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

The best way to deal with such matrimonial cases as mutual divorce or contested divorce proceedings is to hire an experienced lawyer. Consulting a top-rated divorce lawyer for various marriage issues in India defends your mutual divorce petitions, contested divorces, and any related matters.

Connect with the best advocate for divorce at Nitin Shokeen and Associates for help if you're trying to find a reliable divorce lawyer. It is essential to hire a lawyer so that you can get ease of access whenever any documents or matters need to be exchanged regarding your case. We provide a decent amount of experience handling divorce cases like yours and charge if that is under the case budget.

It is recommended to hire a divorce lawyer to allow for better knowledge and understanding of the local laws and procedures followed in the particular marriage divorce case. Any such family dispute legal issues are resolved very much by our advocate team and with the proper guidance in the legal matters. We make sure to provide the right decision to go forward and get satisfied with the legal service.

What is a mutual divorce?

Mutual divorce or divorce by mutual consent is when both the husband and wife mutually agree that they cannot live together. The husband and wife mutually agree to the marriage to live separately and not live together anymore. This is something called mutual divorce. Here both have to present a joint divorce petition before The Honorable Court without making any allegations against each other for too long.

Our best divorce lawyer in Delhi is available to demystify the complexities of mutual divorce. If you're thinking of splitting up with your partner, our expert can walk you through every stage of the process while ensuring clarity. You can rely on us to sort out the complexity and give you the help you need to make an easy and educated decision about a mutual divorce. Here, the parties should pursue steps to get it divorce by mutual consent. It generally begins with filing a petition as it has been given under section 1 3b of the Hindu Marriage Act. In addition to the procedures, there is a need for information/ documents for mutual divorce. The average time to get mutual consent in India is about 6 months to 2 years.

What is a contested divorce?

A formal way of seeking a divorce from your spouse is a contested divorce. The contested divorce is usually emphasized when a mutual divorce is impossible in India. It reflects a situation where one spouse has decided on his Mind to proceed with the divorce.

There are various grounds for contested divorce which are commonly used as example

  • Divorce on the ground of cruelty,
  • Divorce on the ground of adultery
  • Also, divorce on the ground of desertion
  • In this contested divorce, others like unsoundness of Mind, civil death, and many more are needed.

After filing, your divorce case gets listed for the first hearing in court. By meeting the expert lawyers and discussing the case with them openly, you will choose your divorce lawyer to start drafting the contested divorce petition. You might think about picking the best advocate for divorce in Delhi so that you can move on with the process in the appropriate way and receive the greatest advice from our knowledgeable professionals.

Best expert in the legal case at Nitin shokeen and associates

Talk to our divorce specialist and advocate lawyer to determine your family issues and get the right legal advice for divorce and other family matters to find the next step and look ahead to live independently. We provide 100% confidential and Secure service with 24-by-7 availability. We provide only verified and experienced lawyers who are well practicing in courts Supreme Court, high courts, etc.

In the case of mutual divorces, the procedure is relatively faster to manage all the paperwork. If you need to hire an expert divorce lawyer then consult with us as no one matches with the top notch services given by one of the top divorce lawyers in delhi .

Consult with us; our top divorce lawyers in Delhi are unmatched in their ability to provide first-rate services. Our best lawyer for divorce can ensure a quick and efficient divorce process for both of you.

However, in the case of a contested divorce, the support of an expert never slower becomes very much necessary as the preceding a contested divorce can take a long time and may be emotionally taxing. In this form, our expert lawyer will extend you all the services and provide expert legal advice during your traumatizing period.

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