Check Bounce Advocate

Check Bounce Advocate

When a cheque is received from the holder, the cheque is presented to the bank for payment. However, the bank refuses to pay it and sends it back to the drawer unpaid. This process occurs when the cheque is returned unpaid by the bank. The individual who signs an assessment for the entire payment to be made is the drawer of the examination. The recipient of the evaluation is known as the payee in this context. It is also presented to the bank by the payee for the bank to receive both payments. The entire amount that is specified in the document.

The reason for the cheque getting bounced

  • The explanation for why the cheque was returned unpaid
  • If the erroneous date is written on the cheque.
  • The disparity between the numbers and the words used to describe the payment amount.
  • The cheque has either been damaged, or the signature does not match.

When the cheque is provided to the bank for the payment to be withdrawn. If it bounces, the bank will return the bill along with a return note that gives the cause for the return. This is done if the cheque is presented before the bank for the payment to be withdrawn. The bank turned down the cheque because insufficient funds were available, and the note was then delivered to the person who wrote the cheque.

Legal action may be taken against the individual because of this. Getting counsel from the best Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Delhi is essential if you're dealing with legal issues as a result of a bounced check. Seek professional advice to overcome obstacles in the legal system and discover workable solutions specific to your circumstances.

The situations in which this provision may be used include the following: the cheque has been delivered to the bank during the period that it is valid, which is no more than six months from the date on which it was drawn.

The drawer fails to pay the set amount of money. Another possibility is that the holder must start the cheque course within 15 calendar days following the notification of the reset of the set.

Another possibility is that the holder must start the cheque course within 15 calendar days following the notification of the rest of the set. To get more detailed information on this, you may consider consulting with the best lawyer for cheque bounce case in Delhi.

Recovery in cheque Bounce case

The resubmission of the cheque for payment

The bank will send a cheque return note after the first instance that the cheque is returned unpaid. The message attached to the returned cheque will specify the reasons for the non-payment. Within three months following the date, the bearer of the cheque may resubmit it to the bank for further processing. The bearer of the cheque is under the impression that it would be presented to them a second time and may thus resubmit it.

Demand notice

A cause may be given for returning an illegal notice to the cheque drawer requesting payment. The beginning of the civil process suite's summary recovery phase is to retrieve the lost funds. You may also discover the complaint under section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, which allows you to penalize the cheque drawer for not submitting a sufficient sum. Moreover, do not pay the money once you have attained the requirement.

Filing a complaint

You also have the option to register a complaint with the Negotiable Instruments Act by Section 138. It is feasible to meet the requirement of filing the legal notification within thirty days of the date the cheque was returned. If the money is not paid within the allotted period, you will have another 30 days to file a criminal complaint in court. This will give you a total of 45 days to complete the payment. For expert assistance in this matter, consider consulting with the Best Lawyers in Delhi for Cheque Bounce Cases .

Alternative civil complaint

As it was noted, the alternative civil complaint is one in which a criminal complaint is filed, which has the potential to result in a penalty being handed down to the defaulter. The penalty may take the form of time served in jail. This may also be accomplished by submitting a summary lawsuit by order 37 of the code of the civil process.


In conclusion, it is critical to confirm a lawyer's experience, financial law expertise, and track record of success in cases similar to yours when looking for the best advocate to handle a case involving a bounced cheque. When it comes to cheque bounce issues consult with the best advocate for cheque bounce case in Delhi . Nitin Shokeen is a distinguished and extremely skilled advocate who can help with any legal issues that may arise.

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